Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Work methodology and tasks adopted at the initial meetings of the E4E Project working groups

The Project “Education for Employment (E4E) in BiH” held initial sessions of the working groups for Higher Education, Preparation of Test Items and Instruments, and Human Resources Development, this month in Sarajevo.

During these meetings, the working group members were confirmed, the work tasks and methods were presented and adopted in principle by working group members.

During the first working group meetings, the main focus was on time-sensitive actions that needed to be completed in the near future, such as administering external exams in first-year grammar schools.

The Working Group for Preparation of Test Items and Instruments will meet again in August to adopt the approach and identify the schools where this pilot activity will be performed in the school year 2021-2022. If this pilot activity is a success, in future, the system of external examinations will be incorporated into the work plans of all grammar schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Working Group for Higher Education also adopted methodologies for researching labour market needs for higher education qualifications, mapping study programs in specific economic sectors, developing and improving formal and informal learning recognition systems, and developing higher education standards and qualifications.

The working groups of the E4E BiH Project are planned to meet again in September 2021, when the remaining project working groups are also expected to start with their activities.

In order to overcome the high unemployment rate and a huge mismatch of the education and training systems with the demands of the labour market, the EU funded project “Education for Employment, BiH” aims to produce human resources in line with the labour market needs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project will assist BiH authorities in improving capacity and structure for planning the educational process and quality of educational outcomes.