Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina


DAI Global Austria GmbH & Co KG

Lothringer Strasse 16
A-1030 Wien


DAI has long had a presence in continental Europe. With the acquisition of the distinguished European development consultancy Human Dynamics in 2019, we achieved the scale and technical breadth that enables us to offer richer services and better value to our customers in the European Union (EU). We are now the largest single provider of development services to the European Commission.

From corporate locations in Ankara (Turkey), Belgrade (Serbia), Brussels (Belgium), Cologne (Germany), London (United Kingdom), Sofia (Bulgaria), and Vienna (Austria), our team of 100+ employees oversees a portfolio of more than 95 EU projects in more than 80 countries.

DAI’s EU Business Unit covers the whole spectrum of DAI operations, from project delivery, framework contract implementation, and global facilities management to business development, communications, and knowledge management. The EU team is seamlessly integrated into DAI’s global organisation, tapping the full range of technical specialists and support staff from our United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, and other locations.


INNOVA Management Consulting

Mehmeda Spahe 26/2
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Innova Management Consulting (INNOVA)  provides specialist services and technical support to public, civil and private sectors in the field of development economics and socio-economics, public administration reform analysis, public finance management, policy analysis and development at the local level, strategic planning development, gender mainstreaming and links with reform agenda, social inclusion in the context of socio-economic development, and applied research for advocacy purposes.

European Projects Management Ltd (EPM)

Kr.Valdemara street 18/3-1
Riga, LV-1010

European Projects Management Ltd – EPM (SIA Eiropas Projektu Vadība) is a management and development consultancy in Latvia specialised in providing professional institutional capacity development, practical training programmes, policy reform advisory and sustainable knowledge transfer in various sectors, including education, VET and employment.

Economic Institute Sarajevo (EIS)

Branilaca Sarajeva 47,
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Economic Institute Sarajevo  contributes to the creation of an environment that encourages economic growth and development in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this context, the focus of the institute is to conduct empirical research on a par with the highest world practice, in order to better understand the economy of BiH and identify economic policy measures that can accelerate its growth and development. The EIS was founded in 1961. It is publicly owned, but operates as a fully market-oriented institution, with no budget or other donations. The Institute aims to be recognized as a leader in applied economic knowledge in BiH.