Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Strengthening human resources: The Project Steering Committee adopted the Proposed List of Qualifications and Occupational Standards to be developed

The fifth Steering Committee (SC) meeting of the project Education for Employment in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) was held in online format on 28th, April 2022. At the meeting, the Proposed List of Qualifications and Occupational Standards that will be developed within the project was adopted.

The proposal relates to occupational standards and study programmes within six industrial sectors, namely: mechanical engineering, ICT, agriculture, forestry and wood technology, food industry, and tourism and catering. This model aims to support the development of human resources through increasing the quality of teaching and direct support to the economy.

At the meeting, SC members were also presented with a number of materials the Project developed in the past months, such as the Draft of the Third Progress Report and the Proposal of the Model for the Integration of Digital and Entrepreneurial Key Competences in Teaching and Learning in Primary and Secondary Schools (ISCED 1, 2 and 3). These materials will be reviewed in accordance with the comments and suggestions of the SC members and submitted for adoption at the next meeting.

Also, the Proposal for the Possibility of Introducing a System of Tracking Graduate Students in BiH was presented as a material for the round table discussion, which will be organized in June this year with the aim to improve the graduate tracking system.

A proposal for a revised Module Rulebook for the Recognition and Evaluation of Non-Formal and Informal Learning (RPL) was also submitted to the Project SC. The model will be discussed in detail at a large round table discussion that will be held on June 2nd, in close cooperation with the Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education (CIP). The round table will bring together a number of representatives of public and private higher education institutions, ministries and agencies. This Model Rulebook on the Recognition of Prior Learning regulates the purpose, general conditions, methods, decision-making procedure, minimum criteria and bodies for the implementation of the procedure for the recognition of prior learning acquired through non-formal education and informal learning by higher education institutions in BiH. After finalization, the Model will be submitted for adoption to the Project SC, and then submitted for use to educational institutions in BiH.

The next Steering Committee meeting of the Education for Employment project is planned to be held in Mostar, on May 24th, when the official adoption of the presented materials is also expected.

In order to overcome the high unemployment rate and a huge mismatch of the education and training systems with the demands of the labour market, the EU funded project “Education for Employment, BiH” aims to produce human resources in line with the labour market needs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project assists BiH authorities in improving capacity and structure for planning the educational process and quality of educational outcomes.