Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Professional trainings will strengthen the employees’ capacities in BiH educational institutions

As a part of the European Union (EU) project Education for Employment in BiH, a series of professional trainings will start in April 2022 for employees of the Ministries of Education and pedagogical institutes and agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The training program was developed within the project component of Human Capacity Development in Education, which aims to strengthen the capacity of employees in the BiH institutions that create developmental education policies.

The program covers areas related to contemporary trends in education in the EU. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of further developing the existing capacities and professional empowerment of people who already have influential positions in public institutions, as well as on strengthening the capacities of individuals who can influence the effectiveness of organizations (institutions) in which they work.

Professional trainings will be divided into four modules, namely Educational Reforms and Policies, Strategic Planning and Project Management, Management of Change in the Educational System and Monitoring and Evaluation of Reform Processes.

The training programme will address the real development needs of education systems in BiH. Participants will have the task of forming a team of collaborators within their institutions to openly discuss the topics and issues that will be presented on each module they attend. This kind of informal discussion in the work environment is proven to be very effective in practice, because it encourages the exchange of information, different opinions and ideas.

In order to overcome unemployment and inequality of the education system with the demands of the market, the aim of the European Union project “Education for Employment in BiH” is to develop human resources in accordance with the needs of the labour market in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project supports BiH institutions in improving the capacity and structure for planning of the educational process and its quality.