Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Component 4: Human resources development in education sector


The E4E Project efforts under this Component will be geared towards improving the human resource capacities of educational institutions across all phases of the policy-making process. The core objective will be to support the institutionalisation of these processes to ensure evidence is collated and used appropriately at each stage of the policy-making cycle. This includes strategic planning, policy implementation, as well as monitoring and assessment processes.
In supporting human resources development under this Component, the Project intends to: 

  • Develop the professional knowledge, skills and understandings of staff from the beneficiary institutions by advocating an explicit ‘learning mindset approach which supports the continuous improvement of practice; 
  • Shape and foster a vibrant community of practice by enabling staff from the beneficiary institutions to learn collaboratively by engaging in ongoing professional dialogue and learning from and with each other;
  • Align capacity development activities with technical support to improve governance and work processes, operational strategies, and underpinning Monitoring & Evaluation processes. 

Main result:

Human capacity in education sector is strengthened!

Main outcomes:

  • Increased capacities of education staff in evidence-based policy making (across different phases);
  • External assessment pilot completed; lessons learnt for full rollout;
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiencies in the work of teachers and other staff;
  • Improved M&E systems in place, along with higher levels of accountability underpinning implementation.

Main activities:

  • To organise specialised training of staff for school mapping, curriculum development, project preparation and evaluation, and learning assessment
  • To conduct training for responsible authorities, teachers and other relevant actors in the preparation and implementation of external assessment
  • To develop a model for monitoring of progress of the reform processes
  • To Implement external testing at the end of the first grade of the grammar school in piloting schools
  • To train relevant staff in educational institutions and ministries for overall management, evaluation and monitoring of results of external testing based on learning outcomes
  • To train teachers for introducing key competences (entrepreneurial and digital) at all levels of education and training
  • To organise four study tours to the EU Member States

Working groups involved:

  • Human Resource Development Working Group (HRDWG) will be established to support capacity development activities under Component 4.
  • Working Groups established to support the preparation of test items and instruments for external assessment.