Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Component 3: Reform of initial and in-service teacher training


In order to enhance the reform of teacher training in BiH, Component 3 will focus on the establishment of the Teacher Competence Model (TCM) as a vital quality assessment tool that sets out clearly defined competency standards at each stage of a teaching career. The development of the TCM will act as a key reference point in the development of the training programme for teacher training faculties related to developing learning outcomes-based teacher training programmes.

In addition, this Component will also support the development of a model for competency-based in-service study programmes, including entrepreneurial and digital competence. The TCM will also provide a core reference in the development of new models for the continuous professional development (CPD) of teachers. By setting out the competency standards teachers are expected to attain in performing their roles, which will provide a possible framework to facilitate a fair and transparent performance appraisal and career progression system.  This model can be the basis for future licensing system for teachers. A multi-channel, multi-event approach will be adopted in seeking to increase knowledge and awareness of the adapted national and international mobility schemes.

Main result:

New model for study programmes for initial teacher training based on learning outcomes in line with relevant occupation and qualification standards developed!

Main outcomes:

  • Standards for assessment of teachers’ work supporting a robust QA system underpinning provision and facilitating introduction of a licensing system;
  • Increased capacities of teacher training staff in developing and implementing learning outcomes-based programmes (including entrepreneurial and digital competences);
  • Improved levels of access to high quality and needs-driven CPD for teachers;
  • Increased mobility of BiH teachers facilitating the continued skills development of teachers.

Main activities:

  • To develop standards for the assessment of teachers’ work
  • To train of several staff members in teacher training facilities on development of learning outcomes-based study programmes
  • Supporting design of new model for teacher training study programme
  • To develop new models of continuous professional development (CPD) of teachers
  • To organise promotional activities of new CPD model and promoting teachers’ mobility

Working groups involved:

  • Working Group for Continuous Professional Development of Teachers
  • Expert Working Group for Teachers’ Training Competence