Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

BiH Higher education reform and transition as a focal interest of the WG for Higher Education

At their second meeting on December 7 in Banja Luka, the Working Group (WG) for Higher Education continued to develop the needs analysis for higher education qualifications in BiH, to map study programs in selected sectors, and to develop modules for recognition of non-formal and informal higher education.

The meeting in Banja Luka was also attended by Jusuf Demirović, Rector of the University of Zenica and President of the Rectors’ Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Working Group had a very productive discussion about higher education reform and transition in BiH. It was agreed that Jusuf Demirović would convene a meeting of the Rectors’ Conference so that rectors from other BiH universities could become better acquainted with the Education for Employment in BiH Project goals and activities.

The next two-day meeting of the WG for Higher Education is scheduled for the end of February 2022 in Brčko, and the WG members will continue working on aforementioned tasks and materials in order to adopt them. The final draft of the study should be completed by then. In addition, based on the results of the Study of Higher Education Qualification Needs in BiH, a training programme for quality assurance coordinators of public higher education institutions in BiH (QA coordinators) will be held.

Members of the WG for Higher Education come from a variety of institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, the competent education authorities in BiH, the Centre for Information and Recognition of Documents in Higher Education (CIP), and the Agency for Higher Education Development and Quality Assurance of BiH.

In order to overcome the high unemployment rate and a huge mismatch of the education and training systems with the demands of the labour market, the EU funded project “Education for Employment, BiH” aims to produce human resources in line with the labour market needs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project will assist BiH authorities in improving capacity and structure for planning the educational process and quality of educational outcomes.