Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The EU Funded Project "Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina"

The total value of the project (EUR):2.6 million
The location of the project’s implementation:Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)
Project duration:30 months (September 17th 2020 – March 17th 2023)
Project beneficiary

Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sector for Education

The partners of the project:DAI – Human Dynamics (Lead Partner) with partners INNOVA, European Projects Management(EPM) Ltd, and Economic Institute Sarajevo (EIS)

Project in brief:

In order to overcome a high unemployment rate and a significant mismatch between the education and training systems and the demands of the labour market, this project aims to contribute to the development of human resources in line with labour market needs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project assists BiH authorities in improving the capacity and structure for planning the educational process and the quality of educational outcomes. The EU funded Education for Employment project addresses the existing shortcomings of the education system through the development of modern lifelong career guidance services and the improvement of the quality of qualifications in VET and higher education as well as enhancing the capacity of human resources at all levels of education. The project will provide teacher training and capacity building of education staff and develop new study programmes and curricula for teacher training colleges based on learning outcomes, which includes modern teaching methodologies and key competencies.

Project beneficiaries:

Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ministries of Education (at all levels), Labour, Employment and Education Institutions, Teachers in Schools & Universities, Educators in Training/Learning Centres and Career Guidance Centres, Associations/Businesses Organizations, Citizens

The focus

– Increasing relevance of education for labour market through career guidance development and quality of qualifications in VET and higher education;

– Enhancing capacity of human resources at all levels of education.

Main activities

– Support for the development of Lifelong Learning career guidance (LCG) strategies in line with EU LCG

– Reforms of career guidance services to further develop qualifications and standards at higher education level

– Development of qualification and occupational standards in higher education

– Development of new models for teacher training programmes at initial and in-service levels – based on learning outcomes

– Alignment of reforms of the teacher training system to measures to build human resources development across different levels of the education system

Project components and expected results

– Component 1: Transition from education to work

Result 1: Lifelong Learning career guidance strategies developed in line with EU lifelong career guidance (LCG) at the level of responsible authorities;

– Component 2: Quality assurance of higher education

Result 2: Qualifications and standards for higher education further developed;

– Component 3: Reform of initial teacher training

Result 3: New model for study programmes for initial teacher training based on learning outcomes in line with relevant occupational and qualifications standards developed;

– Component 4: Human resources development in education sector

Result 4: Human capacity in education sector strengthened.