Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Education for Employment, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A proposal for the Career Guidance Concept in BiH has been agreed

On May 12 and 13, members of the E4E Project’s Career Guidance Working Group met in Teslić and agreed on the proposal of the Career Guidance Concept in BiH, which will define future directions for the development of career guidance in the country.

Professional advancement, partnership cooperation of institutions providing career guidance, staff training in these institutions, and the development of methods and tools for carrying out this activity are all part of this comprehensive concept. The most significant change is that this concept now applies to all age groups, bringing it more in line with modern lifelong learning concepts and practices that are already well established in the European Union.

The Career Guidance Concept in BiH serves as the foundation for all future career guidance activities within the Education for Employment project, such as the development of career guidance strategies, action plans for strategy implementation, training of the expert associates, and others.

The new Concept is also a framework for further development of carreer guidance, even upon completion of the project. The concept will be presented to the project’s Steering Committee for approval at its next meeting scheduled for May 24th in Mostar.

In order to overcome the high unemployment rate and a huge mismatch of the education and training systems with the demands of the labour market, the EU funded project “Education for Employment, BiH” aims to produce human resources in line with the labour market needs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project assists BiH authorities in improving capacity and structure for planning the educational process and quality of educational outcomes.